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Sonic drilling is ideal for both deep and shallow drilling applications where an undisturbed core sampling is required or difficult drilling conditions exist. It uses a high frequency, resonant energy, and rotation which allows the core barrel to advance through almost any geological formation; penetration rates are up to five times faster than conventional drilling methods. Sonic drilling reduces investigation-derived waste by as much as 80 percent while also lowering the risk of project failure due to unknown or difficult subsurface conditions.

Hawkston Drilling’s cutting-edge sonic rigs deliver precise and efficient drilling operations. Our highly experienced sonic drilling teams are trained to accurately install multi-point wells or instrumentation where exact depths are critical. They can reach depths of over 750 feet with minimal impact on the environment. Whether we are drilling for mineral exploration or water supply development, sonic drilling offers unparalleled mobility, accuracy, and versatility.


The Sonic Advantage


Even in the most challenging geological formations like boulders and cobbles, sonic technology has the capability to produce in-situ, continuous and undisturbed core samples to provide you with the most accurate data available. Sonic Drilling also provides greater precision for well development by reducing the disturbance to the surrounding borehole wall – resulting in straighter and more efficient wells.



Sonic technology can achieve penetration rates that are up to five times faster than conventional drilling methods with up to 80 percent less investigation derived waste (IDW).


Rated for depths over 750’, ready to handle large diameter borings, able to operate in any position and function as a standard air or mud rotary drill head – our rigs are versatile and ready for even the most complicated subsurface investigations.


At Hawkston drilling safety is our number one priority. The use of “Hands Free” technology is a major change in the drilling industry and is becoming a market requirement. The Hawkston sonic drills come fully equipped with state-of-the art automated rod and casing handling systems allowing our employees to work “hands free” thereby greatly reducing the risk of hand and back injuries.

Our Sonic
Drilling Rigs


Hawkston is committed to be the best in the industry. That requires having the right tools to deliver results for our clients.

That’s why we invested in the world’s best Sonic Rigs. Our track-mounted rigs feature dual heads that can perform Sonic, CPT, and Traditional Rotary Drilling. From our 50K roto-sonic to our compact roto-sonic, our rigs are capable of even the most complicated subsurface investigations.

Our People.
Your Partners.


Placing an experienced driller on your site is as important to us as it is to you. Our licensed drillers, average more than 24 years of experience — a number that far surpasses the industry average.

Of equal importance to experience drillers is an experienced support team. Our General Manager, Fred Hafner draws on diverse experiences over 30 years of leadership and operational management in the drilling industry. He has spent the last 15 years focused on sonic drilling, operations, and client relations. His experience and expertise will quickly make him your trusted partner.

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Hawkston has extensive experience and deep understanding of industry regulations. That experience and state-of-the-art equipment are combined to deliver results you can depend on. We understand that the quality and accuracy of our work directly impacts your business. Whether simply discussing a project or actively drilling on-site, Hawkston provides direct, hands-on customer service every step of the way. For sonic drilling services contact Hawkston drilling today.

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Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Hawkston Drilling, LLC offers dynamic solutions for rotary drilling, direct-push technology, soil sampling, groundwater sampling, installing of monitoring wells, and more. Our central location allows us to serve the entire Southeast, including Nashville, Louisville, Birmingham, Huntsville, and beyond. We are licensed in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia. We are here for all of your drilling needs.

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